Internship at EMBL-EBI, UK: Assessing the consistency of protein domain assignments across orthologous families using InterPro.

The ISCB Student Council is pleased to announce a 3-month internship position with Bateman group at EMBL-EBI, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK. The internship, slated for May or June 2014, is available to undergraduate students from developing nations. Students in computational biology or related areas are welcome to apply.

We recommend reading our FAQs at the end of this page which may answer your questions regarding this position.

About the group

Alex Bateman is the head of the Protein sequence resources team at EBI. The group works on the classification of protein and RNA sequences with the goal of understanding how proteins have evolved through the gain and loss of new protein domains. Over the past years, the group has developed several databases and tools including Pfam, Rfam, TreeFam and MEROPS.

Stipend / Accommodation / Visa Information

A stipend of 750 GBP/month and economy class airfare will be provided to the selected intern. The student would need to identify accommodation before/upon arrival. However, the lab does have access to the University of Cambridge accommodation service who can help identify housing. Visa information will be provided at the time of interviews.

Eligibility Criteria

The student should be a citizen of a developing country and pursue a degree program in a university located in a developing country (if you are not sure of your country classification, please check the World Bank list of economies, available here:
The applicant should be an undergraduate student (bachelors in-course) in computational biology or related disciplines, currently enrolled as a full time student.

Prerequisite skills

- Good knowledge of protein sequence informatics
- Proficient in use of scripting language (perl knowledge is a plus)
- Proficient in use of Linux OS
- Knowledge of SQL
- Knowledge of statistics
- Good communication skills in english.

How to Apply

Send all the following documents as a single zip file attachment to (we accept files in txt, PDF or .doc/.docx format):

1. Resume or curriculum vitae. Please include citizenship, programming languages known and programming experience, courses taken, research experience and publications if any.

2. Statement of Purpose (max 500 words). It is expected that the student briefly talks about his/her past experience in computational biology showcasing the skills he/she has learned. Either the candidate should have a computational background with sound knowledge of molecular/cellular biology concepts or biological background with programming experience.

3. Proof of enrollment, such as a letter from university or department. The letter should be on the official University letterhead and should clearly state that the student is enrolled as a full time student in the University and will continue to maintain the same status during the period of the internship.

4. One recommendation letter.

Selection process

Applications will be reviewed by volunteers of the ISCB Student Council Symposium and four students will be selected for phone interviews (Skype) with the group offering the position, that will have the final choice in selecting the successful candidate.

Applications will be accepted until March 10, 2014.

Please read our FAQs below and if you still have any questions, contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am in final semester of my engineering, can I apply to the internship?
A: As long as you are still enrolled in your undergraduate program during the course of the internship, you are eligible.

Q: I am doing my masters, am I eligible for the internship?
A: Unfortunately not, the internship is open to undergraduate students only.

Q: I am studying engineering/biology/math/physics/chemistry/etc, am I eligible for the internship?
A: Yes, as long as you have substantial experience in computational biology (and be able to demonstrate it).